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Wednesday, November 15, 2017

Lust at first Sight at a Bondage Meeting

Three years ago, I was working for a Gay Bed and Breakfast. One day the owner came to me to tell me of an event that was happening at the pool area. I was to tend to the guest, answer questions etc.

I set up the tables they requested, they were having a potluck.

The owner came by me and said its time, I went to the gate and opened it up and got ready. They started to come in and I greeted them one by one. Until a friend walked in and his boy in tow. I said hello Master M how are you this fine evening? He said doing well, as he patted me on the back. I looked at the guy behind him and said who is this? Master M said this is Andrew my boy.  I shook his hand and said welcome.

Master M's boy was handsome. I mean he was short, muscular, brown hair and brown eyes, nice ass and package. I was like wow, as they walked past me.

I continued to greet the other guest. The last person was the last person I wanted to see there. Ed and I had a bad experience in the past.

The first time I met Ed was at a Leather Bar. He kept hinting around that he liked me. And I said no thanks. Well that meant to him, that if he couldn't have me in a nice way he was going to just take me. He snapped a handcuff on my left wrist and pulled me out of the bar stool.  I stood up and got up in his face and said unlock this before I kick your ass. As my fist clenched up, the bartender told him to unlock me. He complied. I told him if I ever see his sorry ass again I was going to kick it so high that he would sing Soprano the rest of his life. 

Since I was working, I just turned around and walked away. I did not greet him, I just walked away. I went to the pool area with him walking behind me, he was running his mouth the entire time. I have no clue what he was saying.

The event was running smooth. The president of the group came up to me and said please join us. Grab a plate and eat. I accepted, I went and got me some food and was looking for a place to sit down. I spotted Master M and his boy. Master M was sitting on a chair with his boy sitting on a couch. There was enough space for two more people to sit next to him. I walked over and asked Andrew if it was ok to sit there. He agreed. I sat down with enough space between us so that another could still sit down.

Our conversations was good, we were all having a great time, until Ed started walking towards us. I said OMG not this. I knew what his plan was right off the bat. He was thinking he was going to sit right in between us.  I am a quick thinker. Master M knew my past with Ed. But I think I even surprised him. I looked at Ed and looked at Andrews lap. I looked at Ed again and said oh fuck it. I laid down on the couch and put my head in Andrews lap. I told Andrew sorry, but I had no desire to have him sit between us. Andrew said no problem, and put his hands over me like he was protecting me.  Ed stopped in his track. He looked at me with anger. At that point I didn't give a shit. I knew I couldn't say anything to him. It was better for me to keep my mouth shut. I figured he would say something at some point that would get him in trouble. I just had to wait.

The owner came by and said we need to set up for the meeting, I got up and started moving chairs around so that they could have their meeting. The president sat up a massage table in the front. He called everyone over. I just stood to the side next to a friend that drove up from Ft. Lauderdale. The president introduced the presenter, the presenter asked for a guy to come up to the massage table. The guy got undressed and got up on the table and laid down. The presenter said we are going to learn about electric shock for sexual pleasure. I thought to myself "omg no way".

The presenter shocked the guy in many different positions. I was amazed. But still not for me. Then the presenter asked for a volunteer. To my amazement my friend from Ft. Lauderdale walked up to the front. My mouth dropped to the floor. The presenter shocked my friend, my friend said it was such a weird feeling, but he enjoyed it.

After the meeting, Master M and Andrew was sitting next to the bar. They asked if there was any coffee? I quickly said I can make a pot. I took off and made a pot of coffee. I took coffee cups to the table with sugar and creamer. I went back and got the pot of coffee. I went back to the table and poured the coffee. We all sat around chatting. I was totally awe struck with Andrew. I am normally very shy around guys that I am interested in. But not with Andrew, for some strange reason, I felt very comfortable with him.

As we sat there we saw Ed walking around the pool area. The next thing we see is Ed falling into the pool with all his cloths on. I jumped up and was going to help him, but he stood right up. I knew he was ok. But he still needed help out of the pool. I guess he was in shock, cause he couldn't get his feet to work properly. So I had to go and help him out of the pool. Its just the kind of guy that I am. Even though, I wanted just to leave him there and could have. But its just not in me. I went and helped him out of the pool. We grabbed towels and took him into the house. I went back to the table and sat back down. I was chilled, so I poured myself a cup of coffee. One guy there laughed and said that right there is Karma at its best. Everyone at the table laughed and agreed.

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Sunday, October 22, 2017

Old Man Winter

It's just to soon for Old Man Winter to be showing his ugly head our way. Wednesday Oct. 25 its not going to get of the 60's all damn day.

I start shaking at 72 degrees. Can you imagine me trying to work in this weather? I work in trailers that has no electric. So no way to heat the thing. I can handle up to 100 degrees, but not this. This will be very trying.

I have already pulled out all the heaters for the house and went and bought myself a fireplace heater. I had a fireplace growing up and just loved the cracking sound it made and it kept me nice and toasty.

I hope this works as well as one  a friend has. His will heat you out of a room easy.

A short video I made of it. 😊

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Friday, October 20, 2017

The Nightmare is Over

I can finally breath again. First time in three months. It really feels a lot longer than that.

Three months ago I posted the OMG Factor. It was about 129, the mess and bad shape this trailer was in and I had to fix it.

I had two weeks that someone said they was going to buy it as is. So for two weeks I did not work on it. And then we had Hurricane Irma roll through, so that took two more weeks off from the unit.

So all total, I spent just a little over two months working on this. I am going to break it all down for you.

Living Room

First thing was to pull all the tile up in the living room, we had a really bad storm and the rain collected on the roof and did not run off. So it broke 4 rafters. So I had to go in and replace the rafters, my boss actually got a maintenance man from another park to come up and help me out for the day. We replaced the rafters and then I had to rebuild the ceiling, and wall since part of it collapsed too.


In the kitchen, I had to pull up all the tiles, then it just needed a new coat of paint. The new owner came in and helped me a couple of days and painted the kitchen. It took one thing off my list. Was happy that she did.

Bed Room

The bedroom was pretty easy too. Just added a wall and replaced a few panels in the room.


The bathroom was a nightmare. The toilet and sink was only thing that I could keep. The tub was bad, the last owner took the drain off and it rotted all the wood in the floor.  So I had to tear out the entire floor. I had to also remove all the plumbing in the bathroom as well. Then I put in the new joist.

The rebuild seemed to take the longest. Well honestly finding a shower that fit was the most challenging. I really thought I was going to make one. But we finally found one. Standard showers are 36"x36" way to big for my small space.  I found one 32"x 32", it was the pan only, I had to build the shower sides.

I ran all new plumbing, then put in a new floor. Then I painted the floor and reinstalled the toilet, installed the sink and then installed the shower, I then built a closet. I turned on the water and wow no leaks :)  I painted the walls, then installed the mirror in the wall.

Side Notes

The electrician came in and ran all new plugs, before I put the walls up. I had never had any luck cutting out the boxes. So I searched online and found this very cool tool.

This saved me so much stress and yes it really works. 😀

Thank YOU!!

A big thank you to Unit 116 for allow me to use his brad nailer and the new owners for their help with the painting.

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