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Tuesday, February 9, 2016

What to do, oh me oh my, what do I do?

Part 3
I went to the Dr. We sat down, well he sat I stood. Doctor asked between 1-10 what is the pain like? I said its a 30 right now. Describe the pain for me?  Well Doctor, I have sharp pain in the middle of my lower back, the pain level there is about 10, but its the pain that is in my hip oh wow that hurts like hell. The pain doesn't stop there, its down my left leg. And to top it all off, I now have no feeling in 1/2 of my foot.  He said you need to get x-rays. He wrote me out a prescription.  Do you have insurance? I said no. He said it will cost you $60 to have this done. He handed me the script. He said I am going to give you two Scripts, one is muscle relaxer, the other is for the nerves.  I thanked him and out the door I went.  I went to wal-green to see how much the scripts was going to cost me. The woman was nice, but what she said next made me sick. Since I have no insurance, I have to pay full price. I figured that, just for my nerve pills its a $1.10 for each pill. 90 pills per month. She went on the muscle relaxers are going to cost you $40. I gasped really loud.  I said thank you and walked out the door.

When I got back to the mobile mansion, my friend wasn't home. But his door was unlocked. I went in and started pacing again. Where am I going to get that kind of money I thought to myself. I started walking faster, then I thought I need more room, so I walked around the neighbor hood. Up one street down the other.  After a couple of hours of walking, I decided to go ahead and pay for the scripts. If it helps stop the pain, maybe I can get a good nights sleep.  I also called and made an appointment for the x-rays.

I go an pick up my scripts. I look at the bottles, both of them said "WARNING: do not drive while taking this medication"  WTF!!! Then I smiled and said you know, maybe these are going to work. Got to be strong shit to have that on the label. I get back to the mobile mansion. My friend asked did you get them? I said yeah, but the warning on the side says I cannot drive. I showed them to him. He said no problem, I can drive you around. I said I cannot ask you to drive me around. He said I would enjoy it. Its really not a problem.  I said ok, I have an appointment tomorrow a noon.

The next day, I go and get my x-rays of my back. The technician said I need you to stand like this, she said higher, no reach higher, the pain was so bad that it made me sick to my stomach. She said now hold that position. She said now relax and stand this way, I did. She tortured me to no end.

The pills started working, I felt well, I felt good, I felt woozy, I felt weird, and I felt goofy all at the same time. My friend told me the first day of taking them that I was acting all crazy. I dont believe him, I think he was making it up. But that is what he said.  The Doctor office called me the next day and said the x-rays are back. I made an appointment for later that same day.

The Doctor said, your L5 is crushing your nerve in your back.  You now need to get an MRI, it only cost $600. I laughed at him and then said I dont have that kind of money. He said for me to save up for it.

We go back to the mobile mansion. I was quite on the way back, cause I heard a penny for your thoughts. I just sat there looking out the window.  I still have to make a decision on where I am going to live.

  • go back and live in the tent and continue to work at the print shop
  • Move to California
  • buy a Mobile Mansion of my own. 
Going back to the Tent was just scary. I wanted so bad to figure out something else.

Move to California, I wanted to do this more than anything!!!

I started looking on how I could get there. Driving was out of the question. From where I am to where they are its 40 hours to drive it. There is no way that I could sit that long, in a vehicle.

Next option, bus, just the thought of being stuck on a bus with a bunch of people that I don't know, for hours and hours.
Next option plane. My friend gave me a website to get cheap fairs. I found one at a good price, but it has two lay overs, all of them had lay overs. I cant sit for more than 10 minutes, even with the pills. and what if there is turbulence? What if it hurts my back more? The G-force on take off or landings. What if I got out there and my back got worse to the point that I couldn't work at all? And if that happens what then? Are my friends going to take care of a broken man?  I am sure they would for awhile, but then I am sure it would get old, and probably quick too. I had tears running down my face. I really wanted to go, but I just don't see how.

I regained my composure. I called my friend in California. I told him that there is no way for me to travel that far right now. I thanked him for the offer. He said no problem. He said if you get better come on out. We will always have a room for you.

My last option to buy my own MOBILE MANSION.

I walk down to the office and see David. I told him that I dont have a job. But I would like to take him up on his offer. He said fill out this application, I handed it back to him. He entered in the computer. A few minutes later, he said ok you are approved.  I handed him a check and he hands me the keys.

My Mobile Mansion

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Saturday, February 6, 2016

Two Angels Called Me

This is part two....

I knew I was depressed, I just couldn't figure out how to fix the problem that I was in. Then out of the blue, my (Angel) best friend called me. He lives in California. He asked what was going on and I told him the story. I said I just don't know what to do.

He said move here. He and his partner both agreed to let me move there rent free for a year. I told him let me think about it. He said no problem. They gave me a way out. They actually saved my life. Even though the thought of suicide was never on my mind, but they gave me a hand to get out of my depression. Even though they don't know it. They helped me on so many levels. My mind stopped being depressed and started thinking of how and when I can get there.

The next morning, I got out of bed with a smile on my face and a bounce in my step. I felt alive again. Its been so long since that has happened.  My friend said we need to clear those trees today. I said no problem, lets go to it.

As we cleared the trees out, one got stuck in the top, we had to pull and pull. it wouldn't budge. We pulled again but this time really hard, it gave way and I tripped on a stump, and fell on my back.  The pain was intense. Pain shooting down my leg, I laid there for sometime, before I could even move. I knew I messed something up bad. I started laughing, and laughing hard. My friend asked why are you laughing? I said I laugh when I am in extreme pain. Crying only makes it worse. Laughing makes it better.  I finally got to my feet. I walked around for a couple of hours. I tried to sit down and relax but the pain said no. Funny that walking felt better than sitting.

When I went to bed that night, I had to lay on my right side, and slowly roll over on to my back. It was very painful. But then it happened, I fell asleep.

The next day, even though I was in great pain, I put a smile on my face and started working like I did every day before. I never knew how much work there was to do on an acre of land.

The week before July 4th. I went to work every day, I never complained that I was in great pain. I just kept smiling and doing what I was told. I very much tried to learn all there was to learn there.

On Friday July 3rd a friend called me and said come on down, I am having a birthday party. I asked if I could stay with him for a couple of nights. He said sure no problem. I go and tell my friend about the party and see if he wanted to go too, since he was both of our friend. He said no, I said ok see you in a few days. I load up my truck and took off. I didn't get to my friends house until early Saturday morning. We hugged and I smiled. He said you know where the bed is, I smiled again and headed to it. It was the first time I slept in a bed in over two months. I slept hard, my friend let me sleep in, I didn't wake up until Saturday evening. He woke me up 30 minutes before the party was going to start.
I get up and go to the bathroom, I walk in and smile. I was excited to use the bathroom. On a real toilet,  not on a 5 gallon bucket. Then I take a slow, HOT shower. my friend kept beating on the door and saying lets go. I said you just don't understand. He said "you can take one when we get back".

After the party was over, we talked about every thing that was going on up in Mayo. He wanted to know every detail. So I spent several hours telling him all about it. We talked we laughed and it felt good. I was a live once again. It helped me to realize that country living is not for me. Or should I say TENT living is not for me.

My friend went to work the next day. He handed me the remote and said have fun. I was just channel surfing. I mean its been over two months since I have watched tv. I was in heaven. As soon as he left, I jumped in the tub and took a long hot bath. I fell asleep, I woke up quickly, when I tried to pull up the covers and splashed cold water on my face.

I decided I would stay a few more nights. I was on vacation. When my friend got home I asked if I could stay longer. He said "WHAT?!??" I knew that was a no. I called another friend that lives further south. I asked if I could spend a couple of nights at his place. He said no problem come on down.

My friend lives in a mobile home park. He asked me what was going on, we talked for a few hours. I excused myself, so that I could make a few phone calls. I called my doctor, got an appointment. I called my dad and talked for ever. I told him about the mandatory vacation.  He said oh so they laid you off. I said yeah they did. Our conversation went well. I called my friend in California and told him what was going on. I was trying to keep everyone in the loop.

I go back inside and he asked me what I was going to do? I said I don't have a clue. I told him I did not want to go back to the tent. He said you can move in with me. I smiled and thanked him, but declined. Its just weird, you would think I would want to live with someone, but the truth is, I still wanted my space. He said I thought you would say that. He said come on, I asked where we was going?  He said to the office. We walk down to the office.

The manager greeted us at the door. He said oh you must be allen? I said yes and you are???  I am David nice to meet you. Have a seat. I said I am sorry but I must stand. Bad back. He said thats fine. We talked for several minutes then he said here is the keys to #211 go take a look at it. I say ok  with a puzzled look on my face. I take off and find the lot. I walk into a gutted trailer, floor rotten, walls that had fallen down, broken windows. It was an old trailer. Needed lots and lots of work. I return to the office. David said  well what do you think? I said well, this is wrong, that is wrong. etc... He said but you can fix it up right? I said yes. Your friend tells me your a handyman? I said yes. He said I will make you a deal.  You pay this months rent, prorated at $125. and I will give you the trailer for free. I said let me think about it. He said no problem.

Just when I thought the thinking had slowed down. Now what do I do. I have been offered a place to live here, fairly cheap.  I go back to my friends place. He calls it his Mobile Manson. I sit in his recliner, sat there for a whole minute, before my back said get UP! I stand back up and pace in his living room. I hate that I cannot sit for long periods at a time.

What to do, oh me oh my, what to do. Two offers and one decisions. I decided to wait and see what the doctor had to say about my back.

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Life Changing Experience

2015 was a crazy year for me.

I lost my home, due to my attitude at work. Found out that if you have an attitude at work, work drops your hours to 12 hours or less a week.  Lesson Learned

I moved into a bed and breakfast, loved it. But decided to move from there because of the cost. I just could not afford it with only part time work. People have asked why didn't you just get a full time job. I did put in applications, but didn't hear back from any of them.

Moved in with a friend, was with him for only a month when the owner of the house didn't pay his mortgage, the police showed up and gave us 24 hours to move out.  We moved in with a friend of his, since we were homeless. And living there was too much for me. This guy had so many rules, that I could not live like a prisoner.


I made a choice to call a friend and he told me that he already had a full house, cause two people moved in with him, for the same reason. He said sorry. I called another friend, he said I could move in, but his house was up for sale. I said it would be fine with me.  I moved in and another month goes by.

My friend comes to me and say we need to talk. I said ok. He tells me that he has cancer and has only a few years left to live. I was in shock. I just sat there for the longest time.  He then continues, I am buying my own property and I am taking you with me. I thought it was a good idea at the time. We take a trip to the property 4 hour dive one way. Its in a little town called Mayo Florida.  It was in the country.
Mayo Florida

One Acre of raw land that needed attention. He put a bid on the property and the owner took it. I thought to myself this could work. 

Preparation started.  I put my two weeks notice in at work. We got a storage unit, and started moving everything.  Everything had to go. My friend had way way to much stuff. He lived in this house for years and years. I mean omg we took load after load after load. His Realtor called and said you need to bring your money for the closing. Back to Mayo we went, first we went to the property so that he could make sure this is what he really wanted. He said ok lets go, the Realtors office was a town away. 45 minutes drive away. We get there and he pulls into a parking lot next to the office. As I was sitting there I look up and there was a print shop. I walk to the front door, a man comes out and I asked if he was hiring. He told me no. I asked if I could fill out an application anyways. He hands me one. I fill it out and hand it to him, I thanked him for his time and headed out the door.

My friend decided to stay the night in a hotel. He said find us one. I searched on my phone, and we found one that we both liked.  Suwannee River Rendezvous Resort  If you get a chance to go, ask for Sue. She is one of the owners and will sit down and tell you all about the history of the property. Lots of fun. 


The next day we go back to the property, he is smiling from ear to ear. He kept chanting I am a property owner, I am a property owner.  We stayed there for about an hour more. And took off back to the house. We just needed to pack of our vehicles and move back. I decided that I could live in my tent, its a three man tent. thought that would be fine for awhile until I found a job and then something to live in. The down fall to this move was, no electric, no water, no bathroom, no shower, no internet, "Not a single luxury"

We leave two days later, all packed up and ready to go. We leave at 4 am. We couldn't sleep, excitement was all over us. When we arrived, we start working on the property. It took us a day just to move all the brush and trash that was all over the property.
Trash Pile
Then I put up my tent, I put it between the trees, at the time I thought that was a good idea. Shade from the sun. We built his shed that he was going to live in for the time. We went into town and ate dinner. We came back and went to bed. I woke up the next morning refreshed and ready to go. I get out of the tent, my left leg felt funny as I stood up, I looked down to see its a very red knot the size of a half dollar.
Spider bite

I looked at it and said oh well lots of work to do. I go and make a  cup of coffee. He was already up and ready to go. He said he was up for hours and already moved more stuff to the pile. We mowed the entire property with grass taller than 6' with a 22" toro push mower.  We mowed all day, from sun up to sun down. We found lots and lots of barbwire a piece here and a piece there. It was just crazy.

We were both exhausted, I went to my tent and laid down.

I woke up the next morning sweating, the sun was up. I looked at the time, it was 11 am.  I felt another spider bite. I thought this is not good. I wasn't sure if I was sweating from the heat or from the bites that I had. I check my temperature and it was 100. I told my friend that I need to go see a Doctor. I drive into town, and found a clinic. They said sorry we are closed, you will need to go to the hospital. I asked where that was, they said the next town over. It was over an hour drive to the closest hospital. I thought to myself as I was driving there that, if I had an emergency, oh wow.  The ER said it was spider bites and gave me antibiotics. They told me to clean out my tent and even move it to another location. While I was cleaning out my tent I found a spider with bright blue eyes. Later found out they aren't the eyes. I used to be scared of spiders. But now, it's them or me. I kill all spiders with my bare hands. I have even squeezed the life out of one with my fingers. After I got back from the hospital and getting meds. My friend said come on there is work to be done.  We worked on leveling the ground for his new place to live. He was buying a steel building.

My phone rang, I answered it and it was the print shop. He said can you come in for an interview?  I said sure, but I did not have nice clothes, they were still in storage. He said no problem come on in.

I went and did the interview. He showed me his print shop. He said its a family owned company. Mom and dad started it years ago. Then the Son and his wife took it over. And the brother also owns part of it, he worked in another department of the shop. The owner said he will be in touch. I left confident that I did good. I was just embarrassed that I went to an interview in shorts and a t-shirt.

My friend and I worked from sun up to sun down every day for a week. No days off. We were cutting down mini trees, they were between 8' to 15' tall. There were hundreds of them. His property line was way back behind these trees and he wanted them all down. We had several bond fires.

The next Monday the print shop calls me and offers me a job. I start on Wednesday. I was supper happy. I couldn't wait till Wednesday.

I honestly thought, that I knew a lot about a print shop. I basically grew up in them. My father had a press in our basement and a dark room. I ran many copiers at Staples. I was so not right. There was so much to learn.
My third day at work, a storm hits, its nasty. High winds, and lots and lots of rain. My friend text me, your tent just blew over. Every thing inside is wet. Made me sad.

When it rained it woke up every frog around for miles. It was so loud, that I couldn't sleep.


This was at night, right after a large storm went through. I am not sure if you can hear the frogs in the background.

As days went on living in a tent, I was getting so depressed, and I had way to much time to think. I was always thinking, I was talking to myself, full conversations. I was still working all the time, sun up to sun down 7 days a week. I was angry that I made some stupid decisions, I felt alone, I felt that I had no way out, I felt stuck, I felt sick, I was exhausted, I couldn't sleep, I was low on cash, I had way to much time to think. I was always thinking, I was talking to myself, full conversations. I was still working all the time, sun up to sun down 7 days a week. I was angry that I made some stupid decisions, I felt alone, I felt that I had no way out, I felt stuck, I felt sick, I was exhausted, I couldn't sleep.

My third week at work, one of my co-workers says oh by the way we are closed July 4th thru July 12th. The entire shop closes down for one week for every ones vacation. I thought oh wow. what am I going to do?  I was in a full blown depression, when I heard this news.  I had way to much time to think. I was always thinking, I was talking to myself, full conversations. I was still working all the time, sun up to sun down 7 days a week. I was angry that I made some stupid decisions, I felt alone, I felt that I had no way out, I felt stuck, I felt sick, I was exhausted, I couldn't sleep, I was low on cash, I had way to much time to think. I was always thinking, I was talking to myself, full conversations. I was still working all the time, sun up to sun down 7 days a week. I was angry that I made some stupid decisions, I felt alone, I felt that I had no way out, I felt stuck, I felt sick, I was exhausted, I couldn't sleep......

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